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 5th National Conference on Digital Innovation & Transformation The articles presented will be published in DITC Proceeding

Principle and Reason


Thailand is fully entering the digital world. socioeconomic activities of the country go fast There is business competition with many countries. The need for technology in online communication, As a result, educational concepts have to change. and enter more competition in invention innovation In addition, the government has announced the Thailand 4.0 policy. for the economic development of Thailand to make Thailand a new economy and high-income population 

The action strategy for entering a new economy is to shift away from the production of consumer goods. to innovative products by using technology together with the development of human resources to have greater potential to drive the country. Experimental research studies to create innovations 

Therefore, it is an important tool for raising the quality of human resources in the country. To prepare human resources as an important mechanism for economic and social development to the international stage